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File upload via


The audio files should be provided in the highest possible resolution. Usually 24bit.


Mixdowns must be delivered without sum processing (Limiting, Compression, Maximizing ..) and sufficient headroom (approx. -5 dB).

If you need a sum compression or your own master from artistic aspects, please send a second mixdown for orientation.


Processing is usually done within 3 working days. Orders from new customers are only executed against prepayment.


For uploading, we can provide FTP access, please contact us beforehand. Alternatively, the files can be sent via a file hosting service of your choice.

The data should contain all the relevant data (artist, track, title number, vinyl A / B page etc.) and, if possible, be packed as .zip / .rar files.

The delivery usually takes place as a file upload on our server, where the files are also stored for a certain period of time and at the same time serve for the delivery to the stamping plant and as data backup.

Delivery as a CD will be charged of 15 € incl. shipping in Germany.