• Audio mastering for vinyl, CD und all digital formats, mixes und compilations
  • Stem mastering
  • Vinyl digitalisizing
  • Audio processing, Restaurierung




The aim of the Mastering is to give the present sound material a better quality and to enable playback compatibility on as many technical devices and media as possible. A professional sound recording should sound just as good when playing on a small stereo system, for example when it is broadcasting on the radio or via headphones. Both a balanced stereo image, good mono compatibility and a balanced frequency response play an important role. In the mastering process, these factors are examined more precisely and corrected if necessary.

In addition to the purely technical processing, a significant improvement in the sound impression of a music / sound production can often be achieved by mastering. Various technical equipment, such as equalizers, compressors or psychoacoustic devices, are used for this purpose.

The stereo width can also be changed during mastering. This is achieved by the technique of so-called MS mastering, the signal being separated in the center and side signals. In this way, it is possible to adjust the level of instruments that are in the center of the panorama in proportion to the instruments that are mounted to the outside.

The mastering can include, among other things, the noise reduction, the level adjustment and the pause harmonization of the individual tracks or the removal of digital jitter as well as the creation of fades.


After the actual audio mastering, the title sequence, pauses and track indices are set, as well as certain additional information such as ISRC, EAN codes or even CD text are created in the premastering process, which usually no longer performs sound processing.




Our Mastering Engineer has been working in the music industry for more than 20 years. He attaches great importance to direct collaboration with the artists in order to offer the best result based on the wishes of the artists.

In the mastering process, depending on the starting material, it usually relies on a hybrid processing path in order to always get the best possible results from the starting material. The advantages of analog and digital processing come together here.


His enthusiasm for good sound does not end with the processing of music, a lot of time and technical sophistication he also puts into the studio and high-end devices he developed. An acoustically optimized recording studio, selected technology, as well as best cabling are as much a matter of course as a trained hearing and experience.




DIAL custom made active monitors (full range + dipole bass)
Adam A7X
AKG K702
DIAL Pre/Power Amp, Mono Amps

Outboard Processing:
Elysia Xpressor
DIAL Tube Compressor
Vintage Tube Clones (EQ, Compressor, Mic-Preamp)

Focusrite Saffire Pro40
TEAC AD/DA Converter

DAW Samplitude Pro X
Plugins by PSP, Izotope, Elysia, Focusrite, Fabfilter...